New German Patrol Boat with Innovative Bow Form

German Customs 24 meter patrol boat. Photo by Jarek Jõepera

Bairdmaritime reports delivery of three new 24 meter patrol boats designed and built for Germany’s Customs Agency.

A unique aspect of the design is the bow. We have seen other novel bow designs, including the Ulstein X-bow and the Damen Axe-bow. These bows reduce pitch compared to conventional bow designs, but unless the foc’sle is raised, these designs tend to be wet forward. There is also a very unique bow on the new Italian Patrol Frigate.

Additional advantages of the longer waterline, that comes with extending the bow forward, can be increased speed or improved fuel efficiency.

My gut feeling is, I like the look of this particular bow. The idea seems to be that when a swell rises up over the wedge shape we see just above the waterline, it generates a down force, counteracting to some extent the normal tendency of the bow to lift, reducing pitch much of the time. But unlike a axe bow, there is still a flare to the bow that would tend to keep the bow above the green water when conditions get really bad. Looks like it might be worth a look, and maybe some testing.

3 thoughts on “New German Patrol Boat with Innovative Bow Form

  1. Beak bow has been around for a while. Combines fine entry of a wave piercing hull with a wider hull form to reduce pitching at high speed in heavy seas.

    In operation as pilot boats for a while.

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