X-Bow and X-Stern, Looks Like a Buoy Tender to me

Take a look at this new vessel intended to support the offshore wind energy industry. For some reason this X-Bow/X-Stern configuration says “Buoytender” to me. I know the 225 WLB replacements are still a long way off, but it might be worth considering when the time comes. Like buoy tenders this type of vessel must hold position precisely and minimum pitching and vertical movement is desirable

More information on the specific ship from the Ulstein website.


Length: 88 m (289 ft)
Beam: 18 m (59 ft)
Dead weight: 3490 tonnes
Draught (max): 6.4 m (21 ft)
Speed (max): 13.9 kn
Accommodation: 60 POB
Deck area: 380 sqm (4090 sq ft)


4 thoughts on “X-Bow and X-Stern, Looks Like a Buoy Tender to me

  1. Perhaps it is as I just confirmed that this ship, the 180s, the 175 foot WLMs, and the 225 foot Juniper class WLBs all have an identical 4.9 to 1 lenght to beam ratio. The 180s’ sterm looked a little like an X-Stern any way.

  2. These would be a bit big for Buoy Tender, but the configuration could be good. A thing to remember is that the 225’s are at or past midlife. With the CG’s record on cutter replacement it is not too early to start talking about replacements.

    • Well we have seen every class grow in size, but that would be a very big buoy tender.

      The 225s are going through renovation now. Juniper was commissioned in 1996, so is now 20 years old. We would have to expect her to last 40 years. Since it seems to take 20 years to bring a new class on line, we need to start the procurement of replacements in 2026.

      Like I have said before, we need a 30 year shipbuilding plan just like the Navy, so Congress gets used to the idea that there are peaks and valleys in our AC&I needs.

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