110 foot WPBs as Missile Boats –for Ukraine


Defense News has a story about the Congress authorizing sale of Coast Defense and Anti-Ship missiles to the Ukraine.

A surprising comment was that these might be fitted on the 110 foot WPBs that have been transferred to Ukraine

Speaking at the German Marshall Fund on Friday, Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, indicated that the weapons would be ideal fits for a pair of Island-class patrol boats Ukraine has received from Washington.

Those boats were “supplied without anything on them,” said Kuleba, the first member of the current Ukrainian government to visit Washington. “So we will continue working on obtaining more boats of that class, and hopefully with some of the equipment you mentioned.”

This might refer to Harpoon, but I think it is more likely that this is in reference to the Naval Strike Missile which has already been used in land based coast defense batteries.

Frankly, I think Ukraine would be better off truck mounting the missiles, in that they would be harder to target, but since many nations will be receiving retired Island class WPBs, a standard conversion might be desired by a number of nations.


3 thoughts on “110 foot WPBs as Missile Boats –for Ukraine

    • Adding missiles would be relatively easy, but without ESM, ECM, decoys, secure comms, data links, and with zero AAW capability, it is extremely unlikely they would survive long enough to get a target solution.

      • If there is enough empty deck space after ripping out some equipment, it is entirely possible. The Ukrainians could probably jury-rig some radars and fire controls from other land armored vehicles or ships to provide targeting solutions.

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