“All American Marine awarded Phase I deal for MLB SLEP program” –Marine Log

47-Foot Motor Life Boat (MLB) 47231 from Station Morrow Bay, 4 Dec 2007. Photo by Mike Baird

Marine Log reports that,

Birdon America, Inc. has named All American Marine, Inc. (AAM), Bellingham, Wash., as the West Coast shipyard for Phase I of the U.S. Coast Guard 47-foot motor lifeboat (MLB) Service Life Extension Program (SLEP).

Last August, Birdon America was awarded the prime contract to perform SLEO work on 107 of the 117 MLBs in the USCG fleet.

Regarding the scope of work.

Birdon America developed and proposed a solution to meet the Coast Guard’s SLEP requirements and included system replacements, performance enhancements in the areas of noise, seating, and reliability and addressed structural issues.

The main work will be on systems experiencing technical obsolescence: the main propulsion, electrical, steering, towing and navigation systems, as well as replacement of areas of the hull and structure that have demonstrated high failure rates. Additionally, efforts to enhance human system integration will be made where practical to do so.

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