“Coast Guard Budget Request Funds Two of Three Major Cutter Programs” –USNI

CARIBBEAN SEA, 09.04.2019, Courtesy Photo U.S. Coast Guard District 7 PADET Jacksonville

The Coast Guard Cutter James conducts Hurricane Dorian relief operations alongside the Coast Guard Cutter Paul Clark in the Caribbean Sea, Sept. 6, 2019. During their 62-day counter-drug patrol, the James’ crew, along with members from Tactical Law Enforcement Team-South, Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron, Cryptologic Direct Support Element and multiple partner agencies, contributed to the interdiction of 7 drug-smuggling vessels and were responsible for the seizure of more than 12,677 pounds of cocaine and 4,085 pounds of marijuana bound for the United States. (U.S. Coast Guard photo courtesy of Coast Guard Cutter James)

The US Naval Institute News Service reports that the FY2021 budget request for the Coast Guard includes requests for the second Polar Security Cutter and the third OPC along with long lead time items for the fourth, but does not include funds for additional FRC construction. Not mentioned, but that certainly also means no request for NSC #12.

62 FRCs have been funded through FY2020 and only 64 have been planned, so why not just request the last two? Stopping and then restarting production for two vessels in a future year would be wasteful and really stupid. This seems to be a game played every year. The administration asks for four and Congress funds six. Ask for two and Congress funds four. Guess this year, it may be, ask for none and Congress funds two or perhaps four. We have to wait and see.

NSC #12 is a child of Congress. The administration never asked for it, but Congress has already allocated over $100M for it. This year is decision time. Will it happen? Please pass the popcorn.

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