6 thoughts on ““Transatlantic NarcoSub cutaway” –Covert Shores

  1. From the report: “The vessel was carrying 3 tonnes of cocaine which is around twice the current median average. This would have had an approximate street value (ref US) of approximately 100 million USD. The vessel probably cost between 2-3 million to build, and the crew of two Ecuadorians and a Spaniard would have received ~500k between them. The Cartel behind the narcosub would not receive the full street value and there are many costs to be deducted, but the scale of the profit is clear.”

    Those numbers are incredible. Just from the trafficking perspective, assuming the smugglers’ pay is split evenly, that’s about $165K for a single trip across the Atlantic (roughly 15 days’ time). And if you do get caught (which is highly unlikely), your safety and security is ensured by the authorities and you’ll be provided food, shelter and clothing during a prison stint (during which you’ll have the valuable opportunity to network with other like-minded individuals). The incentives are irresistible. If I were in the smugglers’ positions, I would likely do exactly the same.

    If you want to stop someone from doing something, make sure the ‘cons’ outweigh the ‘pros.’

  2. These type semi-subs were known to 4th Fleet back in 2014 when I was briefed there. The Fleet still does NOT have the assets to prosecute them in its AOR

    • 4th fleet barely has assets. it’s like if you are in the neighborhood, would you mind? read an article a month or so ago, 4th fleet commander bitching he does not really have enough assets. maybe an exaggeration and think he was talking more about grey canoes then white ones,

      • He rarely has more than one Navy ship in the AOR.

        Not to long ago a South Com Commander (Navy) said all his ships were white with racing stripes. In the Caribbean they do get occasional help from the Brits, French, Dutch, and even Canadians.

      • And the USCG cutters lack the ASW sonar and ASW aircraft to prosecute so many of these Narco sub captures are “Luck of the draw by random chance.”

        Even being semi-submersibles and not totally underwater, having the right sensors helps.

        The FFG(X) should hopefully help in the future, but I doubt that the LCSs would because of lack of sonar and ASW features outside of remote drones where the LCS has to remain stationary.

        The need for some sort of AA/ASW/ASuW corvette heightens….

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