“Overhaul Coast Guard Officer Evaluations” –USNI

The US Naval Institute Proceedings has an article suggesting that the Coast Guard’s Officer Evaluation Reports should be overhauled and offering some specific recommendations.

I have been away for far too long to comment on this myself, but I will say doing OERs was always difficult. Speaking for myself, the danger of hurting good officer while trying to be honest in your appraisal made it perhaps the most stressful part of my Coast Guard experience.

5 thoughts on ““Overhaul Coast Guard Officer Evaluations” –USNI

  1. as a department head, e-6 engineer I hated doing evals unless the guy was a real shithead you wanted to give good evals for advancement, at the same time you might think well this guy is an ok fireman or 3rd but does he/she have the leadership to lead others? is he or she a screamer? lack of knowledge? I gave some bad marks over the years, sometimes to friends. but I think the marks system for enlisted is too rigid. plus you have to. if you want some one to advance or not, there are or were code words. kinda standard. screwed system. and never mind rifs, I lost some great non-rates to it because their marks were not perfect. hell mine never were. I lost a few very promising non-rates to rif. with some coaching and teaching could have been great snipes. yet I got kids out of a-school who givin a whole enlistment could not learn to tie a shoe and heaven forbid pack a valve or tell me the type of valve. very frustrating.

    • I came to feel that we would have been equally well served if we just had a check box system with three choices.

      1. Promote with peers,
      2. Does not belong in the Coast Guard, or
      3. Make this officer future Commandant

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