“Coast Guard Directs Cruise Ships To Remain At Sea ‘Indefinitely’”

Cruise ships are docked at PortMiami, Tuesday, March 31, 2020, in Miami. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

TalkingPointsMemo reports that,

“The U.S. Coast Guard has directed all cruise ships to remain at sea where they may be sequestered “indefinitely” during the coronavirus pandemic and be prepared to send any severely ill passengers to the countries where the vessels are registered.”

This directive is only softened somewhat later in the report.

“The document requires all ships in U.S. waters to report their numbers of sick and dead on board each day or face civil penalties or criminal prosecution.

“Cruise ships with sick passengers must consult with the Coast Guard, which may now recommend keeping the sick person on board the ship. The Coast Guard will decide if a transfer is absolutely necessary, but the cruise line would be responsible for arranging on-shore transportation and hospital beds.”

5 thoughts on ““Coast Guard Directs Cruise Ships To Remain At Sea ‘Indefinitely’”

  1. I’d hate go be on one of those ships. The CG is making the right call though. Tough times call for tough decisions.

      • If link doesn’t work you’ll have to google it “CSMS # – NEW UPDATE – CBP Local Port Downtime For the Port of Anchorage, Alaska (Port Code 3126)”. Unless you have a direct link secure website address, or a holding website address for information provided…

        https : // content . govdelivery . com / accounts/USDHSCBP/bulletins/284a3f1

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