“Narco submarines, Covert Shores Guide–updated”

H. I. Sutton’s Covert Shores has a short guide to the various types of “drug sub” smuggling vessels. He lists five types and provides photos and/or diagrams of each.

To some extent this is an advertisement for his book, “Narco Submarines: Covert Shores Recognition Guide,” but I think its worth a look. For some the book may be worth a look as well.

3 thoughts on ““Narco submarines, Covert Shores Guide–updated”

  1. I’m rather curious as to why the US Navy isn’t taking an “inspirational approach” too these Narco Submarines and Semi-Surface vessels. Here are the Columbian Drug Cartel producing working examples of what the US Navy “as to date” have been conceptualizing for decades as possible Future US Naval Ships…

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