SAAB’s Light Weight Torpedo

Dmitry Shulgin reports the successful testing of a new light weight torpedo from SAAB that offers some unique feature un-available on US Navy light weight torpedoes.

While American light weight torpedoes are explicitly anti-submarine weapons that at least, in the case of the Mk46 mod5, might have an incidental anti-surface capability, these are expressly identified as being for both anti-submarine and anti-surface use. Unlike USN light weight torpedoes, it has the option of wire guidance. It is designed specifically for operation in  difficult littoral environments while also being usable in deeper water.

This new torpedo is designated the Torped 47, it replaces an earlier type with similar characteristics, the Torped 45. Compared to the US Navy’s Mk54, they are longer (2.85 m (9.35′) vs (2.72m (8.91′), heavier (340 kg (750 lb) vs 276 kg (608 lb)), and of greater diameter (400mm (15.75″) vs 324mm (12.75″)).

They use a LiFPO4 battery which is rechargeable, so it is likely practice torpedoes can be used numerous times and quickly returned to service. Believe this is more difficult with the Otto fueled USN torpedoes.


4 thoughts on “SAAB’s Light Weight Torpedo

    • Agreed! I can see where this has obvious advantages over the CVLWT and other American lightweight torpedoes currently in service.

      One can put a SLWT in a cargo container launch tube onboard a LCS, OPC, FRC, NSC, or FFGX and have it fired from the helicopter deck, stern RHIB ramp well, LCS side cargo door, or a HH-60. The same can be said aboard USVs and ESBs.

  1. Looks like just the ticket for CG use in the littorals. The Swedes do some smart and innovative stuff.

    An FRC with the ability to carry and launch a couple of these suddenly has a very precise and potent ship stopping capability.

  2. This system was also selected for Finland’s upcoming ice-class corvettes and will also be retrofitted to their older missile boats.

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