Metal Shark 70 knot “Super Interceptor”

Metal Shark has announced that they are producing fifteen high speed interceptors for “overseas military and law enforcement interests.” (I would think somewhere in the Persian Gulf.)

I have reproduced their press release below.

June 18th, 2020: Metal Shark Introduces 52-Foot, 80 MPH Military “Super Interceptor” with Production Underway

Jeanerette, LA – June 18th, 2020: Shipbuilder Metal Shark has introduced the welded-aluminum “52 Fearless Super Interceptor,” an offshore-capable, ultra-high-performance military patrol vessel delivering 70-knot top speeds. Production has commenced at Metal Shark’s Jeanerette, Louisiana USA production facility, with fifteen vessels currently on order for overseas military and law enforcement interests.

Metal Shark developed the 52 Fearless Super Interceptor in response to growing demand among military operators for larger and faster interdiction craft with greater range and better sea keeping.

“Customers from around the world have asked for a blue water-capable interdiction vessel with 60+ knot capabilities,” explained Henry Irizarry, Metal Shark’s Vice President of International Business Development. “With the 52 Fearless Super Interceptor, we have exceeded that requirement by a significant margin, with a multi-mission high-performance vessel delivering unmatched speed, handling, and sea keeping while also leveraging over a decade of parent craft Fearless-class past performance.”

The new offering is a highly optimized version of Metal Shark’s 52-foot Fearless high-performance center console vessel, utilizing the proven Stepped Vee, Ventilated Tunnel (SVVT) running surface designed by naval architect Michael Peters. Metal Shark’s Fearless-class stepped bottom vessels are currently in service with the US Navy, NOAA, and multiple law enforcement agencies in the United States and Caribbean.

A custom-configurable platform designed for missions ranging from counter narcotics to the protection of exclusive economic zones and other related maritime enforcement activities, the new vessel is available with multiple pre-engineered configuration, propulsion, and equipment options.

The first fifteen Super Interceptors are being built in a center console configuration with seating for six crew in Shockwave shock-mitigating seats beneath an integrated aluminum hard top. The vessels will be powered by twin 1,650-horsepower MAN 12-cylinder diesel inboard engines mated to Arneson ASD14 surface drives via ZF transmissions. Thus equipped, the Super Interceptor will reach a projected top speed in the 70-knot range. The vessel’s flexible configuration allows for a maximum fuel capacity of 1,000 gallons, which results in an incredible 12.5 hours endurance at 50 knots.

With an overall length of nearly 58’ (17.5 m), a beam of over 11’ (3.5 m) and an operational displacement of up to eight tons, the vessel is large and imposing. To satisfy modern military visual-deterrent requirements, the Super Interceptor boasts chiseled and menacing lines, including the distinctive “faceted hull” initially developed by Metal Shark for the US Navy and now being widely incorporated across Metal Shark’s product portfolio.

“In terms of speed, size, endurance, and sheer awe factor, this vessel represents a radical leap forward,” said Metal Shark CEO Chris Allard. “The Fearless Super Interceptor will be made available for our customers in a range of styles and sizes to meet various operational requirements. We look forward to showcasing the superlative performance of this next-generation military patrol platform and providing additional details in the months ahead.”

To see a gallery of images click here.

Metal Shark is a diversified shipbuilder specializing in the design and construction of welded aluminum and steel vessels from 16’ to over 300’ for defense, law enforcement, and commercial operators. Key customers include the United States Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, Army, foreign militaries, law enforcement agencies, fire departments, passenger vessel operators, pilot associations, towboat operators, and other clients worldwide. With three fully self-contained shipbuilding facilities in Alabama and Louisiana USA plus a dedicated engineering facility in Croatia, Metal Shark’s 500+ employees produce over 200 vessels per year with a proud and proven track record of high quality, on time deliveries.

5 thoughts on “Metal Shark 70 knot “Super Interceptor”

  1. Know what a “80 MPH interceptor” can hit with a non-stablized, hard mounted, single operator .50 caliber HB M2 machine gun? Air and water. Of course, an adversary will have the same type boats and armament.

    Small craft surface warfare will devolve into WWI aircraft dog fights.

    • One of the photos shows a stabilized mount. Don’t think that should be a problem. Definitely needed if you are not going to be spraying rounds all over the place.

  2. Kind of doubt there is a place for something like this in the Coast Guard. Looks like something Customs might latch onto. Hard to use all that speed in anything other that very calm water.

    • The speed is very impressive, but it does seem a bit spartan for a 15 meter boat as everything and everyone is going to get wet due to a lack of enclosure besides a partial roof.

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