“Videos – Stellar Banner becomes largest ship to be sunk deliberately” –SWZ Maritime

SWZMaritime reports the intentional sinking of the four year old 300,000 ton ore carrier Stellar Banner, reportedly the largest vessels ever scuttled.

That they chose not to attempt to scrap this vessel tells us a lot about the state of the world wide ship salvage and recycling business. This happened off Brazil. Something similar could happen in a US port. In the future, a Coast Guard Captain of the Port might be asked about the possibility of an intentional sinking.

Thanks to Sven for bringing this to my attention.

7 thoughts on ““Videos – Stellar Banner becomes largest ship to be sunk deliberately” –SWZ Maritime

  1. Missed opportunity for a test of what it would take to stop a commercial vessel taken over by terrorists…

  2. While I also criticized choosing scuttling over recycling, someone somewhere pointed out that the damage to the hull was so extensive that the vessel stayed barely afloat with constant pumping and compressed air. Towing the wreck to a scrapyard would have likely ended with the ship sinking somewhere else.

    Perhaps in-situ scrapping or at least more extensive clean-up could have been considered instead? Also, note that the radar antenna is still rotating – so much for emptying the fuel tanks…

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