“Coast Guard, pleasure craft collide near Manatee Pocket” –News Release

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Photo: Coast Guard 33 foot Special Purpose craft like the one involved

We will probably hear more about this

united states coast guard

News Release

U.S. Coast Guard 7th District Southeast
Contact: 7th District Public Affairs
Office: 305-415-6683
After Hours: 786-367-7649
7th District online newsroom

Coast Guard, pleasure craft collide near Manatee Pocket

MIAMI — A Coast Guard Station Fort Pierce 33-foot Special Purpose Craft—Law Enforcement boat crew and a 23-foot pleasure craft with five people aboard were involved in a collision Saturday near Manatee Pocket. 

The people aboard the pleasure craft were embarked by the Coast Guard boat crew onto the Station Fort Pierce small boat and taken to Sandsprit Park. One person from the pleasure craft was reported to be injured and was transported to Martin County Memorial Hospital for treatment. No other injuries were reported. 
As a result of the collision, the pleasure craft began taking on water and became submerged in the channel. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is working with commercial salvage providers to remove the pleasure craft from the water.

The Coast Guard is working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

9 thoughts on ““Coast Guard, pleasure craft collide near Manatee Pocket” –News Release

  1. I suspect a career limiting move for someone, interesting to know what the lookouts were not doing, not good PR for sure – don’t know the crew requirements for sure – but seems to me minimum of 4 people on board. And even if you are not assigned as a lookout good practices suggest that everyone that can see outside be at least an unofficial lookout, at least that was the practice on all vessels I was on – be very interesting to see the investigation report. Glad it sounds like only one person injured – hope the injuries were very minor.

  2. It’s interesting that they didn’t mention the time of day that this happened. If it happened at night, there are many more factors to consider, such as did the civilian boat have it’s running lights on. I’m not saying who is at fault here but a collision at night would certainly be more understandable than one during the day. As a former BM2, I feel for the coxswain however it happened.

    • I think it was a RBS 26 ft – same manufacture – Safe Boats in Puget Sound – in a lot of traffic – in a hurry when they should not have been – going sort of half fast with the bow high and very poor forward vision

      • Sorry – my error not being more clear was responding to the San Diego incident – the comment above mine thought the SD incident was a 33, my memory is that it was a 26 and not 33

  3. 33-foot law enforcement special purpose craft – The 33-foot law enforcement special purpose craft is a multi-mission craft designed and built primarily for counter-drug and migrant missions along the U.S. maritime border. The SPC-LE was the first joint acquisition with U.S. Customs and Border Protection. https://www.uscg.mil/Assets/Article/1825091/special-purpose-craft/#:~:text=33-foot%20law%20enforcement%20special%20purpose%20craft%20-%20The,joint%20acquisition%20with%20U.S.%20Customs%20and%20Border%20Protection.

    I am adding a photo of a 33 foot SPC.

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