“Los Angeles patrol boat voted WorkBoat’s 2020 Boat of the Year” –Workboat

WorkBoat’s Boat of the Year. MetalCraft Marine photo

Workboat has announced their choice of Boat of the Year. The 42’6″x13’4″x3’9″ patrol boat, Boat 42, was built and tested at MetalCraft Marine’s two shipyards at Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and Watertown, N.Y. Its mission is interesting.

The Los Angeles Port Police have been using the new patrol boat to “check every vessel that comes into the port,” said Bob Clark, MetalCraft’s, contracts manager. The vessel has a new breed of highly sophisticated, military-grade CBRN equipment aboard that can detect chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear hazards before a ship even enters the port.

Thanks to Paul C. for bringing this to my attention. 

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