“Minotaur – Creating a connected Coast Guard” –MyCG

New Minotaur operator workstations are being installed on all HC-144Bs. Minotaur provides dramatically improved data fusion and integrates installed sensors and radar. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Aviation Engineering Warrant Officer 3 Randy Jopp.

MyCG has a post about Minotaur (broken link, no longer available–Chuck). We have talked about this system before in relationship to installations on fixed wing aircraft, but the system apparently is more than I had previously understood. The links sited in the story are not all up to date. There is more current information below.

“Coast Guard delivers ninth Minotaur-missionized HC-144 to fleet” –CG-9 | Chuck Hill’s CG Blog

Coast Guard accepts missionized HC-130J aircraft > United States Coast Guard > Latest Acquisition News (uscg.mil)

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