“Check out the 13 best military photos of 2020” –Task and Purpose

Feco, a single-purpose bomb dog assigned to a Coast Guard maritime safety and security team, wears protective eye and ear gear and a hoisting vest for hoist operation training at Moffett Air National Guard Base, Calif., June 15, 2020. (Air National Guard photo / Master Sgt. Ray Aquino)

Task and Purpose provides their pick of 13 best military photos of 2020 and provides a link to 72 more. Turns out, two are US Coast Guard related. The one above was presumably taken by an Air National Guard or Air Force Master Sargent, but the other was taken by Seaman Kate Kilroy, one of several from her coverage of the Campbell’s trip into Arctic waters here and here.

Thanks to a formerdirtdart for bringing this to my attention. 

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