“Coast Guard awards hull contract as part of MH-60T sustainment effort” –CG-9

Below is a news release from the Acquisitions Directorate, CG-9. This is how the Coast Guard intends to keep the H-60s going until the “Future Vertical Lift” aircraft arrive. Also looks like the H-60, which have already been with the Coast Guard for 30 years, could continue in service for another 30. 

The Coast Guard today awarded a contract to Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation of Stratford, Connecticut, for new H-60 helicopter hulls as part of a program to sustain existing MH-60T helicopter hulls reaching the end of their service life. The indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity contract extends through April 2025 and has a potential value of $850 million.

As part of the contract award, the Coast Guard placed an initial order for 25 new hulls. The initial order, with a total value of nearly $207 million, includes non-recurring engineering costs, which enables Sikorsky to produce the hulls in the Coast Guard MH-60T configuration. The first three hulls will be used for validation of Sikorsky’s production processes and Coast Guard hull assembly procedures before moving to full rate production of the next 22 hulls. Delivery of the first new hull is anticipated in early 2023, with subsequent hulls scheduled for delivery at approximately one per month starting in late 2023.

The Coast Guard’s H-60 helicopters have been in service since 1990, and the first helicopters in the fleet are set to reach their 20,000-hour service life limit in 2023. The new hulls being delivered under this contract will replace the hulls in the legacy airframes and provide an additional 20,000 flight hours of service. These new hulls, combined with existing programmed service life extension activities, will enable the Coast Guard to align operations with the timeline for future fleet recapitalization in conjunction with the Department of Defense’s joint Future Vertical Lift program. The service plans to complete the program on a one-for-one basis as the existing helicopters reach their maximum flight hours, thereby maintaining the fleet size of 45 helicopters.

Hull replacement is just one component of the MH-60T sustainment effort. In addition to hull replacement, replacement of select dynamic components, such as main rotor blades, as well as full replacement of electrical wire harnesses will take place. Aircraft production – assembly of the hulls, installation of dynamic components, and wire harness replacement – will be completed at the Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

For more information: MH-60T Sustainment program page

1 thought on ““Coast Guard awards hull contract as part of MH-60T sustainment effort” –CG-9

  1. New wiring harnesses too.

    The Coast Guard marked an important step in its MH-60T sustainment program when installation, testing and acceptance of the first new wire harness kit were completed Feb. 8. Installation and testing of this first article were conducted at the Coast Guard Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

    The wire harness kit consists of 79 individual, interconnected wire harnesses that provide electrical power and transmit signals for nearly all the aircraft’s systems and subsystems. The wire harnesses are being replaced concurrently with the helicopter hull as part of a program to extend the service life of the Coast Guard’s current fleet of MH-60T helicopters for up to an additional 20,000 flight hours. Wire harnesses installed on the hulls will be a 100 percent form, fit and functional replacement of the existing wiring; they do not increase the overall capability or add new capabilities to the MH-60T aircraft.

    TFAB Defense Systems LLC (Tyonek) was awarded a contract for the non-recurring engineering and production of seven wire harness kits in May 2019. Tyonek will deliver the six remaining wire harnesses to the ALC by the end of 2021. The remaining wire harness kits needed to complete the MH-60T sustainment program will be produced and delivered under a future contract.

    For more information: MH-60T sustainment program page

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