“Ship Repair: Inside the $60m Refit of RV Roger Revelle” –Marine Link

Marine Link has a very interesting look into the mid-life renovation of the research vessel Roger Revelle.  This is a Coast Guard cutter sized ship (bigger and now more powerful than a 270), and the changes are extensive, reflecting lessons learned since the ship was built. Changes include installation of an integrated propulsion and ship’s service electricity generation system system and a novel repositioning of the sonar systems. Replacement of the bow thruster system not only reduced noise that was detrimental to the science missions, but also improved living conditions on the ship.

“The original ship contract value was for $35 million to take care of specific ship systems – propulsion, controls, HVAC, piping, ballast water management – and steelwork to extend the life of the ship another 15 years or more…But “we knew that other issues on the ship needed to be addressed, or the primary users of the vessel just wouldn’t be satisfied.” That’s where the upgrades to science systems came in, adding another $25 million to the project.”

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