Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) –the Video

As I have suggested several times, there is a place for this system in the Coast Guard, here, here, and here, as a weapon that would allow even small units like patrol boats and FRCs to quickly and accurately deal with a range of threats, while minimizing the risk of collateral damage inherent in the use of our current weapons, e.g. 7.62mm, .50 cal., 25mm.

These weapons are not exotic. tens of thousands are produced annually.

Interesting to see how simply the pulse repetition frequency code is set to match it to the laser designator.

(I would also argue that the Coast Guard needs to have available laser designators in order to allow us to specifically identify threats for DOD aircraft that might be called in to help the Coast Guard deal with a threat.)

The first place to mount APKWS is on the FRCs going to PATFORSWA.

It is probably possible to mount launchers on the Mk38 gun mount. There is also the four round FLETCHER  launcher (see below) that can be fitted in place of a .50 cal.

10 thoughts on “Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System (APKWS) –the Video

  1. There must be a typo within the “four rocket FLETCHER launcher” link, which gives the APKWS an diameter of 8″, whereas other sources gives it an 2.75″ diameter, unless the “Diameter” is the typo for being the “Fletcher” Launchers “width”…

  2. Sure, APKWS makes total sense although for the USCG, I would try to either use dual-pod configuration, if possible, for eight rockets, or have a pod that can mount more than four, perhaps six or seven rockets. Four rockets just seems so minimal these days.

    The cost, size, weight, training, and required armories to protect APKWS should be minimal compared to ATGMs, torpedoes, ASCMs, and other guided ordnance.

    The USCG really needs a guided weapon that can reach out and home in on surface and aerial targets, especially UAVs, small fast boats, and helicopters.

    • @Trisaw. the common launcher hung on aircraft, normally are for seven or 19 rockets. If I had my preference for the FRCs going to PATFORSWA they would have at least a seven round launcher attached to the Mk38 and a pair of Fletchers aft mounted in such a way that the blast would go over the side. If we can’t mount the rockets on the Mk38, there are two more machinegun mounts on the O-1 deck forward of the bridge where Fletchers could be mounted.

      • One can do that if one pod of rockets is mounted to the side and a Y to T bar is mounted aft of the Mk38 to hang two Fletcher pods. That way, a Mk38 can have unguided rockets and eight guided APKWS. And since the rockets come in smoke, illumination, Flechette, and HEDP, that should give the USCG more variety in dealing with a wider range of threats.

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