“BAE successfully tests ground-launched APKWS rockets for first time” –Defense News

Concept art shows a ground vehicle launching an APKWS rocket. (BAE Systems)

Defense News is reporting that APKWS (Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System) has been successfully tested as a ground based weapon system. This is a small light weight missile produced by adding a guidance kit to the common and inexpensive 70 mm (2.75″) Hydra rocket. It has normally been used by helicopters.

As we have discussed previously, this looks like a weapon system that would give even relatively small Coast Guard craft a substantial punch, out to beyond 8,000 yards, with a minimal danger of collateral damage. And of course the Navy could use them against swarming fast inshore attack craft.


The company delivered more than 35,000 APKWS units by the end of 2019 and expects to deliver 18,000 in 2020.

6 thoughts on ““BAE successfully tests ground-launched APKWS rockets for first time” –Defense News

  1. This missile is a Navy Program of Record. I should be easy to procure and then mount them on ships and cutters. The vehicle mounted version could be driven onto naval auxiliaries and provide those a much better ship defense system.

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