An interesting and humane response to the difficulties of operating in the world of COVID-19.

united states coast guard

R 041700Z MAR 21

ACN 025/21
SSIC 1000
A. Coast Guard Pay Manual, COMDTINST M7220.29 (series)
B. Military Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8
1. Due to the unique and arduous challenges the cutter community
has faced through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this ACN authorizes
the use of administrative absence for members currently assigned
to major cutters to promote wellness and rejuvenation of the
physical, mental, and spiritual health of members of those who
faced significant restrictions on inport movement and impacts
to their cutter port calls. Commanding Officers of major cutters
(level 4 and 5), as defined in REF (A), are authorized to approve
resiliency absence of up to 15 days for permanently assigned
members. COs are encouraged to evaluate individual circumstances
when assessing how many days to authorize for individual members.
Considerations should include, but are not limited to, time
onboard, restriction of movement periods, missed leave, port
call availability and operational tempo.
2. Resiliency absence may be used consecutively or non-consecutively
and may be extended by combining with weekends, holidays, leave,
liberty, or TDY. Similar to other types of administrative absence,
defined in REF (B), resiliency absence will need to be locally
managed by the command of the cutter and it will not be entered
into Direct Access. Any unused days will expire one year after
the release of this message or upon permanent transfer from the
cutter, whichever occurs first. Resiliency absence is not authorized
for use in conjunction with a PCS transfer; it may not be used
as travel or proceed time. Commanding Officers should not withhold
normally authorized administrative absence in lieu of approving
resiliency absence. For example, it should not be used to conduct
house hunting and area familiarization for next assignment.
3. This message will be cancelled 03 MAR 2022.
4. You can find more information and resources related to
resilience at: https://www.uscg.mil/Coronavirus/Resilience/.
Questions regarding resiliency absence or other human resource
management matters may be directed to Office of Military Personnel
Policy (CG-133) at: HQSPolicyandStandards@uscg.mil.
5. Released by RADM J. M. Nunan, Assistant Commandant for Human
Resources (CG-1).
6. Internet release is authorized.

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