2021 State of the U.S. Coast Guard Address March 11, 2021

Above we have the Youtube version of the Commandant’s address.

If you want to read, rather than watch the presentation, you can get the full text here. (You will miss the videos, which are well done, but even at over 17 pages, it will take much less time than the hour required to watch the whole presentation.)

The first half of the presentation seemed aimed internally, primarily addressing Active and Reserve issues. During the presentation the Commandant put a lot of emphasis on improving infrastructure. The presentation got more interesting to me-more “news”-in the second half. (times are approximate, tried to get within 30 seconds)

There will be a new air station, in April will break ground on a new Air Station Ventura County.(31:00)

Confirmed the Coast Guard will probably link to “future vertical lift” program. Meanwhile:

  • We are getting blade fold/tail fold on Coast Guard H-60 helicopters that will deploy on National Security Cutters, Polar Security, and Offshore Patrol Cutters. That will allow more range, endurance, and payload.
  • CGAS Borinquen and New Orleans will transition from H-65 to H-60s.
  • CGAS Barbers Point will transition from H model to J model C-130s with greater range.
  • Helicopters that provide intercepts over DC are getting Link 16. (32:50)

Expects award of Waterways Commerce Cutter contract spring of 2022 (35:30)

Working to address Marine Transportation Cyber (38:30)

Dealing with COVID-19 (41:00)

Discussion of drug interdiction and why we do it. (43:00)

Remarks on UAS (45:00)

Coast Guard role in the Arctic (47:50). In conjunction with Canada, planning a North West Passage transit for Healy. (49)

Coast Guard attaches will be assigned to Denmark, Australia, and Singapore. (49:30)

Indo-Pacific (50:00) Oblique reference to the “Quad,” an informal association of US, Australia, India, and Japan that seems to be forming in response to Chinese aggressiveness.

IUU fishing (50:30)

Bear went to Africa on short notice to counter IUU. (51:30)

Maritime Domain Awareness/Unmanned systems (52:00)

Hamilton is going to support EUCOM escorting first to FRCs bound for PATFORSWA (53:30)

Requirement for a Coast Guard Museum (56:00)

All in all, it was pretty inspiring. It will make you proud.



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