USCGC Northland, Flagship of the Infant Israeli Navy

Former USCGC Northland as the Israeli refugee ship Medinat HaYehudim (Jewish State) impounded in Haifa, 1947.

An interesting bit of trivia. What US Coast Guard cutter became the first flagship of the Israeli Navy? Found the story in three Wikipedia entries: USCGC Northland (WPG-49) – Wikipedia, about the ship, Aliyah Bet – Wikipedia, about the attempts to land Jewish refugees on the shores of Palestine, and Israeli Navy – Wikipedia which provides the history of the Israeli Navy.

“Although sold for scrap 3 January 1947, Northland was renamed Jewish State (Medinat HaYehudim), and transported Jewish refugees to Palestine.

“On 2 October 1947, the Medinat HaYehudim (2,664 passengers) was intercepted by the Royal Navy.‘ (It was then impounded in Haifa.)

(That they managed to get 2,664 passengers on a 217 foot long, 2,150 ton ship shows how desperate they must have been.)

“In 1948 she was renamed Eilat and became the flagship of the infant Israeli Navy. Later, the ship she became a training ship. In 1955, the ship was renamed Matzpen, serving as a barracks or depot hulk. The ship was scrapped in 1961.”

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