“Congress Leaves Coast Guard Shipyard Out Of The $25 Billion SHIPYARD Act”

The Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, Maryland.,U.S. COAST GUARD photo

Forbes provides strong justification for including modernization of the Coast Guard Yard in the proposed $25B Shipyard act.

“As Navy backers in Congress introduce the “SHIPYARD” Act, legislation to fully fund a 20-year, $21 billion plan that recapitalizes the Navy’s four public shipyards, America’s fifth taxpayer-owned shipyard, the low-profile Coast Guard Yard, risks being left out in the cold, with no extra funding. Operated by the Department of Homeland Security in Maryland’s 2nd Congressional District, the shipyard supports the U.S. Navy fleet, consistently completing high quality repair work, and, unlike the four Navy yards, the Coast Guard Yard is getting their repair projects done on time and on budget.”

I think their next major refit project will be the service life extension program for six 270s.

The CG Yard has done construction work in the past including five of the 210 foot WMECs. Would be nice to see them building Offshore Patrol Cutters in parallel with the private yard chosen for the second phase of the OPC program. We really need to build this class faster than currently planned.

7 thoughts on ““Congress Leaves Coast Guard Shipyard Out Of The $25 Billion SHIPYARD Act”

  1. Interesting article…hopefully Maryland’s congressmembers push to include the CG Yard in the legislation…would be nice to see them get part of the pie. And completely agree with your last point Chuck…the WMECs aren’t getting anymore youthful.

  2. The CG certainly needs to build the OPC’s faster than a 20 to 25 year period. The 210’s were built between 1962 and 1969 in 4 separate yards. The OPC’s should be built in this same manner. The industrial base needs the work, the CG needs the ships. If I was the COMDT thinking about one of these 55 year old + ships pounding around the North Atlantic in the winter I am not sure I would sleep well.

  3. Many moons ago I read a report about the efficiency of the Coast Guard Yard. It was given high marks for being 38% productive as compared to other shipyards. Remember, this was decades ago but an interesting note. Instead of moaning about being “Simply Forgotus” the Coast Guard should be pounding on doors with facts that they can do it better. The first sentence should remind the Congress that it authorized the “Depot” at Arundel Cove be make the service more efficient.

    Why is the Coast Guard naming another cutter Argus? The first one was not much of a historical note. Because she was built in New London?

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