“BUDGET 2022: Biden Proposes Flat Budget for Coast Guard” –National Defense, I have a different take

National Defense provided the first report I saw on the Presidents FY2022 budget request for the Coast Guard, reporting it as flat relative to the FY2021 budget as enacted.

The Navy League Magazine, Seapower, on line edition has a pretty good summary of what is included.

I found the budget justification document here, all 445 pages of it.

Actually I find the proposed budget encouraging. $13.1B is only 0.3% larger than the enacted budget for 2021, but that is only because the Congress loves the Coast Guard and has added on to the Administration’s budget every year I have followed the budget process. This 2022 budget request is actually 6.5% greater than the corresponding initial 2021 administration request.

The Procurement, Construction, and Improvement budget is down compared to 2021 enacted budget, but it does include everything we would expect, given the end of the FRC program and the expected pace of Polar Security Cutter and Offshore Patrol Cutter procurement. On the other hand there is a substantial increase in Operations and Support.

“Under Biden’s budget, the service would see a significant boost in operations and support funding in 2022. The $9.02 billion for O&S would be $535 million, or 6.3 percent, more than it received for 2021.”

This includes substantial increases to reduce the maintenance backlog for aircraft and cutters. If you would like to check out the “Program Changes,” follow the link to the full budget document. There are 37 program changes on 20 pages, beginning on the 72nd page of the pdf. The page is labelled USCG–O&S–34.

One of these (#17) indicates new homeports for Webber class in Saint Petersburg, Sitka, and Boston expected in FY2022.

I would not be surprised to see the Congress make some additions. I’ll venture a guess, that about $300M will be added, including a C-130J and three more Webber class to counter Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported fishing in the South Pacific. If that happens, the resulting $13.4B budget would be a three percent increase over 2021.

After the new administration has had more time to look at the Coast Guard’s programs, I hope they will see fit to accelerate the building of the Offshore Patrol Cutters and/or perhaps add a class of cutters between the OPC and the FRC.

Not directly Coast Guard related but the Army Corp of Engineers is getting a big boost for maritime related work that impacts safety of navigation and risks of flooding.

Information on MARAD’s budget request here.

3 thoughts on ““BUDGET 2022: Biden Proposes Flat Budget for Coast Guard” –National Defense, I have a different take

  1. Might be good to shoot for a Sa’ar 6 based Cutter X and get the Navy on board to gget the volume discount on something for once. They can have an “insert weapons here” sticker on theirs. Don’t touch any of the guts as established by the cutter.

  2. Excluding Pay for personnel, Operations and Support request is up 8.4% compared to 2021 enacted. $3,784,376,000 to $4,103,374,000, an increase of $318,998,000.

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