“Small drone biz Vanilla Unmanned has big plans for the US Navy” –Defense News

A very impressive, relatively cheap, long range, high endurance, unmanned air system. Its already a record breaker, having flown over five days and 7000 miles before landing with substantial fuel still on board.

This looks like it might be a candidate for the Coast Guard’s land based Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) Unmanned Air System (UAS).

Defense News reports on the participation of the system in the Navy’s recent exercise focusing on unmanned systems.

“The drone is marketed as being capable of 10 days of flight with 30 pounds of internally stored payloads, or several days of flight with up to 150 pounds of internal and external payloads (three times the max take off weight of ScanEagle–Chuck) in a multimission heavy-lift mode. Those specifications well exceed both the endurance and the payload capacity of its peers in Group 3…” (DOD’s drone classifications here–Chuck.)

Price is quoted as $2M per system, not including the payload. Vanilla Unmanned is owned and operated by Platform Aerospace.

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