“Haixun 09” –SNAFU, China’s Maritime Safety Agency’s 10,700 ton Cutter

SNAFU provides photos of China’s new cutter built for their Maritime Safety Agency. We talked about this very large cutter earlier, here and here.

Significant dimensions are length,165 meters (540 feet), Beam, 20.6 meters (67.6 feet). Speed is over 25 knots. A range of 10,000 nautical miles and endurance of 90 days, suggest these may not be built just to hang around China’s coast. 10,000 or 10,700 ton displacement may well be a light displacement rather than full load, so it may well be much more than twice as large as the 4500 ton full load Bertholf class NSCs.

While very large, this cutter does not carry much of the military style equipment found on the Bertholfs, no airsearch radar, no medium caliber gun, no radar firecontrol, probably no ESM or electronic countermeasures. It also looks like it is only expected to operate one helicopter.

Apparently the photos came from twitter.

4 thoughts on ““Haixun 09” –SNAFU, China’s Maritime Safety Agency’s 10,700 ton Cutter

    • @x not to say your conclusion is wrong, but this particular ship is for the Maritime Safety Agency, not the China Coast Guard. Its their Coast Guard that has been protecting their fishing vessels.

      • Given the MSA’s duties, it does beg the question, why the heck is the ship so damn big?

      • Yes. I think they are building hulls that can be ‘repurposed’. They might be for safety today, but an upswing in tensions and a quick dry docking and they will have a global deployable coast guard cutter. And as FFF – W-Young says below why is it so big? If it a dual purpose ship as we in Europe that can tow or suck up pollutants etc. then yes as they have all the traffic. But a very conventional cutter hull? It makes me wonder. The Chinese are fishing everywhere. As know some states are more than happy to start pooping off rounds.

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