“Ocean Craft Marine Builds Patrol Boat for NOAA in Hawaii” –Marine Link

(Photo: Ocean Craft Marine)

Marine Link reports on the imminent delivery of a 9.5 meter, “custom-designed high-performance boat to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Office of Law Enforcement (OLE), Pacific Islands Division headquartered in Hawaii.”

The feature that caught my attention and distinguishes this RHIB from many others is the console.

“OCM partnered with the design team at Shockwave Seats to design and then build a five-man fully shock-mitigating operator-console. The console is known as an Integrated Control Environment or “ICE-Console” and is fully-free-floating with three-axis of movement while suspended on 12 inches of travel supported by six pneumatic Fox Racing shock-absorbers. The ICE Console’s purpose is to insulate the boat’s operators and equipment from the jarring impacts caused by wave action at sea.”

4 thoughts on ““Ocean Craft Marine Builds Patrol Boat for NOAA in Hawaii” –Marine Link

  1. NOAA has LE Authority over the Marine Sanctuaries, and activities within their boundaries. Channel Islands marine Sanctuary, and the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuaries have had dedicated LE Boats for quite a while.

  2. One would think that the console and seats should be on a separate, resiliently-mounted platform, so that console, seats, and operators are not all reacting individually.

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