“USAF to Increase Arctic Investment as Strategy, Wargames Outline Needs in the Region” –Air Force Magazine

The Arctic, note the US includes the Aleutians and the Bearing Sea as part of the Arctic

Air Force Magazine reports,

“The Air Force spends around $6 billion a year on systems and priorities focused on the Arctic, a number that is expected to grow as the region’s importance rises and the Department of the Air Force’s first-ever Arctic Strategy (It is a quick and easy read–Chuck) hits its one-year anniversary.”

It seems likely this will have impact on the Coast Guard in several ways.

“That number will grow as the Air Force does things such as modernizing the North Warning System of radar sites, which has been “put off for too long.”

If they are going to do construction in the Arctic, there is a good possibility they will need icebreaker support to allow access.

“Arctic nations are collectively seeing the importance of the region militarily and working together on ways to increase these indications and warnings. The U.S. and Norway, for example, are collaborating on launching new polar-orbit satellites to improve space surveillance of the region.”

That has the capability of improving our Maritime Domain Awareness for law enforcement, marine environmental protection, and SAR.

Along with increased surveillance, hopefully we will also see improved command, control, and communications facilities and improved infrastructure.

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