“Systematic Data Analysis Reveals False Vessel Tracks” –Global Fishing Watch

AIS positions from the USS Roosevelt showed the false data pattern specifically on November 26, 2020. On that day the vessel appears to enter four nautical miles within the Russian territorial sea. Because of the short duration, no imagery was available to compare with the track. ©SkyTruth/Global Fishing Watch 2021. AIS data courtesy of Global Fishing Watch, Orbcomm and Spire.

An intriguing story about false Automated Information Systems (AIS) information from Global Fishing Watch.

These systems are important not only for collision avoidance, but also for maritime domain awareness. Who is doing this, how, and for what reason is still a mystery.

Thanks to Sven for bringing this to my attention.

5 thoughts on ““Systematic Data Analysis Reveals False Vessel Tracks” –Global Fishing Watch

  1. If I had to venture a guess, to create an International Incident! To make it look like that someone is intentionally trying to violate your territorial waters, by falsely giving them wrong navigational coordinates…

      • There are lots of different groups out their who want to sow hate and discontent beside the Russians. Lots of people who think they would benefit from having the US and Russia fighting.

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