Brits To Keep Two OPVs In the Indo-Pacific

The Royal Navy is sending two of their River Class Batch II offshore patrol vessels to serve long term in the Indo-Pacific.

We have talked about the River Class Batch II ships and their close relatives several times, here, here, here, and here.

Interesting to see camouflage applied to these ships. I also note they are commanded by Lt. Commanders. The crews on these ships are about half what we would expect on a comparable Coast Guard Cutter. In all probability crews will be rotated as was done with the crew of the earlier River class OPV, HMS Clyde, stationed in the Falklands.

The video makes it sound like these will both be going to the Pacific, with no British bases in the area, but Indo-Pacific includes the Indian Ocean as well and the British have a base in Bahrain and while it is also a US base, Diego Garcia is a British possession. Still it sounds like they will be making the rounds showing the flag.

These ships will join Britain’s planned Indo-Pacific Littoral Response Group (LRG) when it is formed. Two such groups are planned, one in Northern Europe and a second to be based in Oman.

6 thoughts on “Brits To Keep Two OPVs In the Indo-Pacific

    • It’s a national embarrassment.

      The government have run down the RN since the end of the Cold War. When it is the one asset they should have kept at full strength.

      Now they pull a stunt like this.

      Not good.

      • The UK has been unable to meet all its Naval Commitments for a while now. It does seem the trend toward a smaller and smaller navy has been reversed, but progress is slow.

        The Royal Navy has not had a presence “East of Suez” for quite a while now. This is a first step in reversing that. There are plans to have a “Littoral Response Group” in the Indo-Pacific, but they are going to need to acquire or convert some Amphibs to make that happen since none of the Amphibs they have now have helo hangars.

    • What’s happened to the Royal Navy over the years is a shame.

      That the composition and size of the Navy is not up to the foreign policy goals of the Government is a recipe for tragedy.

      As Chuck said, there are some signs the Government is taking the situation seriously but one has to hope there is commitment over time.

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