Three Part Webinar Follows USCGC Healy

A three part Webinar will discuss USCGC Healy’s transit of the Arctic Ocean and North Atlantic. I have reproduced most of the information below. The original is here.

Marine ecosystems don’t start and stop at international borders, so when it comes to the effects of climate change on the ocean, we’re all in the same boat. An effective response requires teamwork.

To that end, NERACOOS and CIOOS Atlantic have teamed up to host a three-part webinar series featuring discussions with local experts on scientific, economic, and policy issues facing coastal communities spanning the Arctic to the Northeastern seaboard of the United States.

Each of the three seminars will coincide with part of the voyage of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy, which has partnered with Canada to undertake a research cruise circumnavigating North America. As the Healy passes through the Arctic, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia and the Gulf of Maine, experts in a variety of subjects will speak about the challenges they’re encountering, and how we can come up with solutions that transcend borders.
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Speaker Lineup for September 22nd: The Arctic

(All times are Eastern, GMT-5; agenda subject to change)

  • 12:00-12:05- Welcome, review agenda
  • 12:05-12:15- Opening remarks by Melanie Zimmerman, U.S. Consul General
  • 12:15-12:25- Update from USCGC Healy from Bob Pickart, Senior Scientist
  • 12:25-13:10- Panel #1: State of the Science
    • 12:25-12:50-
      • Christina MacDonald, Arctic Eider Society
      • Kristin Schild, University of Maine
      • Lorenz Meire, Greenland Climate Research Centre
      • Mark Patterson, Northeastern University
    • 12:50-13:10- Discussion & audience Q&A
  • 13:10-13:55- Panel #2: Policy, Economic & Community Perspectives
    •  13:10-13:35-
      • Andrew Arreak, SmartICE
      • Chris Flanagan, Baffin Fisheries
      • Michael Sfraga, Wilson Center Polar Institute
    •  13:35-13:55- Discussion & audience Q&A
  • 13:55-14:00- Wrap-up & adjourn

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