6 thoughts on ““The Yard: USCG Shipyard Curtis Bay’s Storied Past and Vital Future” –Defense Media Network

  1. i have spent only a limited time in cg yard. mostly taking, as an engineer a 49 foot buoy boat. they did it an overall good job. we were i think #2 on the get a new buoy boat train. fun trip from baltimore, through a few ports to ant woods hole., even a little cruise around manhatten. i listed and i wrote a lot of msgs concerning fix this or that. mostly not all casreps though there were quite a few. new boat and all. overall., they asked me to about changes, i gave them my opinion. a few actually happened. we were working the boat.
    the 49 was great and a big improvement have to admit though i loved the non-standard 45 footer. at ant woods hole lets just say we tweaked that boat a lot. when later as a stan team guy in 1st district you other guys could have done much better with your 45s. they were wicked work boats. enjoyed the shit out of working them even mk1 scraping buoys, don’t tell your guys to do something you won’t. loved ant team. we gave the 45 footer to army corps of engineers to work the c&d canal. they were very happy to have it back then. they gave me and and my snipes a pretty letter about the condition of the boat. yea, we did our maint on a boat built in 57 and then some to make it a good work boat. the 45 was a good boat.

      • i forget to translate for flatlanders sometimes. 😉 but coasties should be used to mainahs there always a few of us floating around, so to speak.

    • Replacing with the 57mm was considered but ultimately rejected so they will get the Mk38. I just hope it is at least the Mod4 with 30mm. Hanging Hellfire or APKWS on the Mk38 is probably too much to hope for, although it would go a long way toward making up for the loss of capability.

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