Finnish Navy Ice Strengthened Corvette

We began talking about this class of rather unique warships about six years ago. Since then, a lot of comments have been added. I wanted to pass along this info graphic.

What makes these really unique, and perhaps of interest to the USCG, is the Ice Class requirement which translates to non-consolidated (refrozen) ice channels with a thickness of 1.0 meter (3.3 ft) in the middle.

Compared to the Offshore Patrol Cutters, these ships will be a little longer (374 feet vice 360), but also a little lighter displacement (3900 tons vs 4500). They will have a much shorter range (3500 nautical miles vs over 10,000) and a much smaller crew (70 vs over 100), although the total accommodations are similar.

Predictably the Finnish ship is much more heavily armed.

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