A Coast Guard Christmas Greeting

Paul sent me this story from the Nantucket Current. Hopefully they will forgive me for republishing it here.

GOOD MORNING NANTUCKET: Christmas Stroll weekend is here. On Wednesday, members of Coast Guard Station Brant Point renewed the tradition of hanging a wreath from the Brant Point Lighthouse. The 2021 holiday wreath was designed and donated by Hafsa Lewis, local floral designer and owner of Hafsa & Co. The wreath tradition was started in 1993 by Station Brant Point Master Chief Jack Downey. The base of this year’s wreath is grapevine foraged from the Coast Guard’s Sconset Station. The red bow includes 50-plus poinsettias that are individually zip-tied to the base of the wreath. The Coast Guard members who are hanging the wreath from the top of the lighthouse are in full gear due to the lead and asbestos inside the lighthouse, which requires them to wear precautionary gear to avoid exposure.

2 thoughts on “A Coast Guard Christmas Greeting

  1. I see a few jokes coming in this picture.

    – How many coasties does it take to hang a wreath?

    – Which one of those in this picture is the Boatswain Mate? (one of the three with their hands in their pockets)?

    – TOUCHDOWN!!!

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