A New Website on the Recommended Blog Page and Feedback for Coast Guard PAOs

It seems recently press releases from the Coast Guard have been coming out in a different format. There is a brief description of the story and a link to the full story on the “United States Coast Guard News” page.

The USCG NEWS page is not really new. Stories there go back to 31 August 2022, but somehow, I had not recognized its reemergence. I like it and have added it to my list of recommended blogs. It is searchable by keyword, region, and date.

I would like to make a comment on the format used on the news page. Got a news release pointing me to this story on USCGC Munro’s return to Alameda after a 105 day Winter Alaska Patrol. There are eleven photos that accompany the story, but when I down loaded the one above you will note, that there is no caption, no identification as a  “US Coast Guard photograph,” and no credit for the photographer.

Today Show on Cutter Eagle

Al Roker of the Today Show took a ride on Eagle and the video above was the result. Nice to see the service get some national recognition. Perhaps important to see what the Nation sees of us, even if it did look like a lot of brass polishing. Too bad no shots looking down from the rigging.

I was a little surprised to see Eagle still has an old fashioned motor surf boat not much different from the one on my first ship, 53 years ago. Would have expected an RHIB.

Thanks to Lee for bringing this to my attention. 

What’s Going on With the Coast Guard News Website?

Every day I try to look at all the sites included in my “Recommended Blogs” list. This includes three USCG sites:

MyCG, which seems directed at Coast Guard personnel, has been very active. CG-9’s site is, as you would expect, less active but still seems to be informative.

“Coast Guard News,” which seems to be directed at the national press, has covered Coast Guard ongoing operations, but seems to have dried up. For some time, it has seemed to have been neglected with few changes and little new material. Currently the top story is dated October 20. I know a lot has happened since then.

What’s going on?

If the site is not going to be maintained, we should say so and put some kind of notice on the site to say where to find Coast Guard news.

A Coast Guard Christmas Greeting

Paul sent me this story from the Nantucket Current. Hopefully they will forgive me for republishing it here.

GOOD MORNING NANTUCKET: Christmas Stroll weekend is here. On Wednesday, members of Coast Guard Station Brant Point renewed the tradition of hanging a wreath from the Brant Point Lighthouse. The 2021 holiday wreath was designed and donated by Hafsa Lewis, local floral designer and owner of Hafsa & Co. The wreath tradition was started in 1993 by Station Brant Point Master Chief Jack Downey. The base of this year’s wreath is grapevine foraged from the Coast Guard’s Sconset Station. The red bow includes 50-plus poinsettias that are individually zip-tied to the base of the wreath. The Coast Guard members who are hanging the wreath from the top of the lighthouse are in full gear due to the lead and asbestos inside the lighthouse, which requires them to wear precautionary gear to avoid exposure.

“Ding Ding, We Have a Winner – Eight Bells: A Celebration of Sea Service” –MyCG

MyCG announced Coast Guard Cutter Mellon as the Eight Bells multimedia contest winner. (No theirs is not the one I have included above. That one comes from Campbell and includes scenes from their exercise North of the Arctic Circle.)

You can see all the ten entries here.  All the entries are worth a look. Well Done.

Coast Guard Cutter Maria Bray Crew Helps Create Underwater Reef Habitat

Something a bit unusual.

Caption from YouTube,

“Coast Guard Cutter Maria Bray crew members deploy concrete reef balls and old navigation anchors, July 18, 2018, off the coast of northeast Florida. The Maria Bray crew assisted in the deployment of reef balls, built by Mandarin High School students, and old navigation anchors for Think It, Sink It, Reef It, or TISIRI in order to create an underwater reef habitat. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Ryan Dickinson)”

Thanks to Lee for bringing this to my attention.