A New Website on the Recommended Blog Page and Feedback for Coast Guard PAOs

It seems recently press releases from the Coast Guard have been coming out in a different format. There is a brief description of the story and a link to the full story on the “United States Coast Guard News” page.

The USCG NEWS page is not really new. Stories there go back to 31 August 2022, but somehow, I had not recognized its reemergence. I like it and have added it to my list of recommended blogs. It is searchable by keyword, region, and date.

I would like to make a comment on the format used on the news page. Got a news release pointing me to this story on USCGC Munro’s return to Alameda after a 105 day Winter Alaska Patrol. There are eleven photos that accompany the story, but when I down loaded the one above you will note, that there is no caption, no identification as a  “US Coast Guard photograph,” and no credit for the photographer.

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