“Coast Guard Commandant delivers her first State of the Coast Guard Address” –YOUTUBE

Above is a video of the Commandant’s State of the Coast Guard. It’s definitely worth a listen. I think I am becoming a fan.

Sounds like she is proceeding with procurement of a Great Lakes Icebreaker.

The Coast Guard is getting Coast Guard doctors (vs Public Health Service).

Three new teams are being stood up: a talent management task force, a data analytics team, and a West Coast cyber protection team.

Looking at the newly available option of passing going before a promotion board, when an officer has to make that decision, it would be good to know what instructions are being given to the promotion board.

In fact, why does failure to be promoted automatically mean you are out? Shouldn’t it be the service’s decision whether the officer should be retained. Perhaps an automatic continuation board for those who are not promoted with the option of permitting continued service.

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