“Iran Boosts IRCG Navy’s Swarm Attack Capabilities” –Naval News

110 speed boats entered service with the IRGC Navy (IRIB News picture)

Naval News reports,

According to the Iranian news outlet IRIB News, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy received 110 indigenously made combat speedboats on December 11 during a ceremony in Bandar Abbas….

“This is the seventh delivery of such vessels. Their speed has climbed from 55 knots to 75 and 90 knots, with the next stage reaching 110 knots. The boats are equipped with missiles and rockets and are capable of operating efficiently under the IRGC’s indigenous radar network.”

It’s not impossible the Iranians are employing deception tactics and may be redelivering boats seen in previous delivery media events, but there is little doubt, they do have a lot of fast attack craft, making the Coast Guard’s PATFORSWA operating area a rough neighborhood. (More here, here, here, here, and here.)

Considering if PATFORSWA is ever in a fight with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp Navy, the cutters will probably be protecting tankers or Navy high value units. In that case, frankly I think most of the smaller craft are intended as a diversion, the primary threats are the missile and torpedo equipped boats that will screened by a cloud of smaller boats. Still machineguns and rockets mounted on small boats could damage the cutters.

If you want to consider if we can deal with the Iranian tactics, you might want to look at this earlier post, Guns vs the Swarm.

6 thoughts on ““Iran Boosts IRCG Navy’s Swarm Attack Capabilities” –Naval News

    • My first reaction is “not only no, but hell no” to this proposal to give the Coast Guard 31 LCS. There were severe design compromises made to allow these ships, particularly the Freedom Class, make very high speed.

      If reengining them is easy, let the Navy do it.

      And for all the complaints, the Navy is not going to let any but the first few of the LCSs go, because they are finally starting to feel they are useful units.

      • agreed. let’s not take on the navy’s failure and reimagine/reengineer their complicated engineering plant at our expense.

    • Actually, I proposed something similar back in 2014. https://chuckhillscgblog.net/2014/02/04/loaning-lcs-to-the-coast-guard/

      But the idea was only to fill in until the OPCs came on line.

      The idea only sort of makes sense because the Coast Guard is so far behind schedule in replacing their WMECs. Reading my old 2014 post, I see that in the intervening seven years, the already too slow and long delayed delivery of replacement OPCs has been pushed back by more than five years.

  1. I understand the USAF has decided its cluster munitions are the tool to cope with these mass attacks.

    Unless these weapons are on stabilised mounts they can’t be much of threat.

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