Cutters Albacore (WPB-87309), Cochito (WPD-87329), and Gannet (WPB-87334) Transferred to Uruguay

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Navy of Uruguay to accept three Protector Class vessels as part of a grant from the United States Coast Guard as part of the Uruguayan Navy’s Fleet Modernization plan (Picture source U.S. Embassy of Uruguay)

Navy Recognition reports,

“According to information published by the U.S. Embassy in Uruguay, On December 15, 2021, Admiral Jorge Wilson, Commander of the Uruguayan Navy, signed a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) finalizing the government-to-government agreement between the United States and Uruguay, allowing Uruguay to accept three Protector-Class patrol vessels as part of a grant from the United States Coast Guard as part of the Uruguayan Navy’s Fleet Modernization plan.”

9 thoughts on “Cutters Albacore (WPB-87309), Cochito (WPD-87329), and Gannet (WPB-87334) Transferred to Uruguay

  1. are the 87’s that different from 82’s that a 20 year lifespan is normal? well the 154s will replace them/ what about areas like northern new england that will never see a 154? i don’t see a 45footer doing the same job as an 82 or the 87, not offshore. 45s in b-0/b-2/b-6 status to go 100 miles offshore to tow a fisherman? seems unlikely. maybe i’m just old and grumpy, at least when it comes to wpb’s.

  2. Coast Guard celebrates completion of training as part of cutter transfer to Uruguay

    The Coast Guard Office of International Acquisition on Sept. 1, 2022, recognized members of the Uruguay Navy supporting the transfer of three 87-foot Protector-class patrol boats to Uruguay. The ceremony at Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore celebrated the Uruguay crew’s completion of a rigorous six-week training program. The ships and crew departed Baltimore Sept. 8 for Uruguay.

    “This transit is the culmination of more than a year of cooperative engagement between the Coast Guard and the Uruguayan Navy,” said Benjamin Posil, International Acquisition office chief. “It is an affirmation of the United States’ Excess Defense Articles or EDA process and the highly capable professionals that are tasked with effectively employing it, and it also highlights the professionalism and capabilities of our dedicated partner, the Uruguayan Navy.”

    The Coast Guard Cutter Transition Division Training Team helped the Uruguay crew master the art of damage control, engineering maintenance, ship handling and watchstanding on Rio Arapey, Rio de La Plata, and Rio Yaguaron, which are former Coast Guard Cutters Albacore, Cochito and Gannet. The Coast Guard officially transferred the title of the three coastal patrol boats Feb. 10, 2022. Since the title transfer, the cutters had been undergoing maintenance and upgrade work at Coast Guard Yard.

    The 87-foot Protector-class patrol boat is an innovative, multi-mission vessel used by the Coast Guard to perform search and rescue, law enforcement, fishery patrols, drug interdiction, illegal immigrant interdiction and homeland security duties up to 200 miles offshore. These are the first boats of this class transferred to a foreign partner nation through the EDA program. The three vessels going to Uruguay were commissioned between 1999 and 2009 and homeported in Connecticut, Virginia and Florida.

    EDA transfers are a valuable tool in a larger security cooperation program that enables the Coast Guard to make significant contributions to building and sustaining global maritime partnerships in support of the national maritime strategy. These patrol boats will help Uruguay expand its capability in several critical areas, including search and rescue, maritime law enforcement and fisheries enforcement.

    For more information: Office of International Acquisition Program page

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