“Eastern Shipbuilding Group Completes Major Infrastructure Improvement Project to Support Offshore Patrol Cutter Program” –News Release

Below is a news release from Eastern Shipbuilding Group:

PANAMA CITY, FL – On Thursday, January 20th, Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Inc. (ESG) announced the completion of a new, state-of-the-art aluminum superstructure fabrication and assembly hall at its Nelson Street Shipyard. This major infrastructure project further optimizes ESG’s Nelson Street Facility to support multi-hull production for the U.S. Coast Guard’s (USCG) Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) program for which ESG serves as the prime contractor. The $5 million facility was funded through the Triumph Gulf Coast economic development program.

“The construction of this new facility manifests our commitment to provide the country a long-term industrial capability that can build the most exceptional national security assets on schedule and on budget. Every day we employ the highest quality craftmanship to incorporate the finest materials and equipment in these vessels to ensure USCG mission success along our country’s many coastlines. Construction of fabrication capabilities like this new facility, enhance our capabilities while reducing cost and schedule risk. I thank Triumph board members across the panhandle and their staff, as well as area leaders for their investments in support of the USCG OPC program here in Panama City,” said Joey D’Isernia, President of Eastern Shipbuilding Group.

The aluminum fabrication facility, with significant crane capacity and hook height, along with a heavily reinforced high-strength concrete slab flooring system and large sliding entryway doors, was specifically designed to support full construction of the OPC aluminum superstructure from fabrication through assembly and outfitting in a covered and controlled environment. The facility is sized to enhance ESG’s ability to support the peak production rate of delivering two OPCs per year and is part of ESG’s commitment to upgrade and tailor their USCG-dedicated Nelson Street Shipyard to meet the needs of the USCG’s future medium endurance cutter fleet.

The facility was commissioned in a ceremony with leaders of the United States Coast Guard Project Resident Office and local, state and Triumph Gulf Coast officials in attendance.

“The City of Panama City is proud to collaborate with the State of Florida, Triumph Gulf Coast, our neighbors in Bay County and the school board in partnering with Eastern Shipbuilding Group to continue supporting the Offshore Patrol Cutter program for the long term. We believe our community is unmatched anywhere in the country to support the U.S. Coast Guard. We commend Eastern Shipbuilding Group for bringing jobs and opportunities to the region and for the transformative work it’s accomplished since the hurricane. It is the best shipyard to build the OPCs,” said Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki.

“Triumph Gulf Coast is pleased to have partnered with the City of Panama City and Eastern Shipbuilding to provide the new aluminum fabrication building that it is so important to the success of the USCG OPC contract. It is an honor to have a role in supporting our military and we hope to continue to support those that protect our nation through partnerships here in Bay County and across our entire region,” said Ben Lee, Triumph Board Member.

In addition to enhanced capabilities, the new hurricane hardened building is built to the latest stringent Florida building codes. The original building was destroyed by Hurricane Michael in 2018. Over the last three years, ESG has fully rebuilt its operational facilities with insurance proceeds and has also made infrastructure expansion investments from $50 million in state appropriations and economic development grants. The company has recently completed launch way upgrades, upland bulkhead upgrades, construction platen expansions, waterway deepening projects and has many more improvement projects underway as part of its commitment to provide a dedicated facility that is optimized for construction of the Offshore Patrol Cutter. At its Allanton Shipyard, ESG has constructed a state-of-the-art C5ISR Production Facility to accomplish testing and integration of operational combat systems, equipment, and simulators on premises prior to final installation on the vessel. ESG will continue to improve its facilities as part of its focused vision to support the USCG’s highest acquisition priority with shipbuilding excellence.

6 thoughts on ““Eastern Shipbuilding Group Completes Major Infrastructure Improvement Project to Support Offshore Patrol Cutter Program” –News Release

  1. DHS (and DOD) are not going to let ESG invest all this money in infrastructure upgrades and integration facilities and then yank the contract away from them after 4 shipsets. Not happening.

    • Don’t know about that, but as the current builder, they certainly have an advantage. No need for any more design work for batch 2. No need to figure out how to do it. On the other hand they now know how much it will cost to build and they may not bid low.

      • I don’t understand how you could award a second shipyard, that hasn’t built a single ship, 11 hulls. Not 1 or 2 or even 4, but 11. That doesn’t make sense to me. We shall see.

    • “All this money appears to come from non-federal sources, specifically the state of Florida, insurance, and the regional economic development organization, Triumph. I don’t see federal dollars. Florida and Triumph want to keep jobs and capability in North Florida, and are certainly capitalizing on the OPC contract angle, but don’t think for a minute that if ESG loses the contract, they wouldn’t be going after other builds touting this brand new, state-of-the-art facility…

  2. Chuck,

    I work with Flex Force and we manufacture the ASP Gunmount. I saw you wrote a bog article about it and it really was good! Thanks for doing that!!

    What do you think of a ASP Kit for ships that I inchop to Middle East and need the extra lethality the ASP provides? Those ships need protection against the Iranian swarming boats and the ASP could provide the ability to counter that threat.

    Please let me know if that may interest you and your readers.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!


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