“Video: Couach’s New Concept Of ASW Patrol Boat” –Naval News

Naval News reports on a concept that could easily be adapted to Coast Guard patrol craft.

The report refers to this as a novel concept, but in fact, the concept of surface craft employing sprint and drift tactics with dipping sonars and ASW torpedoes was widely employed by the Soviet Union. See the, Mirka, Petya, Grisha, Pauk, and Poti class corvettes, and Turya class. These classes amounted to about 300 vessels, so the practice of employing dipping sonars on surface vessels is not a new or unique idea.

The Soviet era ships used high or medium frequency dipping sonars. The new low frequency capable technology applied to dipping sonars like the AN/AQS-22 advanced airborne low-frequency sonar (ALFS) used on the USN MH-60R ASW helicopter, has made the concept much more viable.

Basically the idea is to employ the tactics of ASW helicopters using relatively fast surface craft. Because of the range and seakeeping of the craft, this not a trans-oceanic escort strategy, but it can be effective at sanitizing choke points, harbor entrances, or other fixed areas of interest. The vessels work in teams with one or two vessels stopped, drifting and holding contact while other vessels sprint to a new position to hold contact or attack.

1 thought on ““Video: Couach’s New Concept Of ASW Patrol Boat” –Naval News

  1. Different sensors, different mission, but the Coast Guard used Sprint and Drift for Drug Enforcement with the Surface Effect Ships.

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