Philippine 378 Upgrade

BRP Ramon Alcaraz sporting her new Sea Giraffe radar in Cebu.

When the US Coast Guard Hamilton class 378 foot WHECs were decommissioned and transferred to other nations, the AN/SPS-40 air search radars were removed, along with the Phalanx close in weapon system. At least one of the three former cutters, in service with the Philippine Navy, has been upgraded with the addition of a Sea Giraffe multi-mode radar and a pair of 25mm Mk38 guns as can be seen on these photos of BRP Ramon Alcaraz (former USCGC Dallas). There were plans to acquire at least two Sea Giraffe radars. I can’t say how far they have gotten.

The Sea Giraffe, USN designation AN/SPS-77, is the radar that will equip the Argus class OPCs. It is also currently installed on Independence class LCS.

I found these on Facebook, but apparently they came from Daryll Evan Mancao’ Flickr page.

BRP Ramon Alcaraz (former USCGC Dallas) equipped with new Sea Giraffe multi-mode radar in Cebu.

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