“USCGC Mohawk arrives in Dakar, Senegal” –SeaWaves

SeaWaves reports,

“Famous-class medium endurance cutter USCGC Mohawk (WMEC 913) arrived in Dakar, Senegal for a scheduled port visit, July 12, 2022…During the visit, Mohawk leadership will meet with U.S. embassy leaders to continue building on the United States’ strong maritime partnership with Senegal…This port visit also marks the first stop in Africa for Mohawk during their maritime patrol in the Gulf of Guinea. Mohawk is forward-deployed to the U.S. Naval Forces Africa (NAVAF) area of operations, while employed by U.S. Sixth Fleet.”

Mohawk had escorted the last pair of Webber class bound for PATFORSWA, USCGC John Scheuerman (WPC 1146), and USCGC Clarence Sutphin Jr. (WPC 1147), across the Atlantic. Before Mohawk goes home or the WPCs get to Bahrain, they are doing some relationship and capacity building. Earlier Mohawk had stopped in Lisbon. Meanwhile the Webber class cutters made one of probably several portcalls enroute Bahrain in Algeria.

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