“Coast Guard awards $103 million contract to Inventech Marine for up to 200 over the horizon boats” –WorkBoat

New Over the Horizon boat design. Inventech Marine Solutions rendering

WorkBoat reports on the award of a contract for construction of up to 200 “Over The Horizon Cutter Boats” (CB-OTH V) to Inventech Marine Solutions (IMS) of Bremerton, WA.

We had a Coast Guard news release on this contract award earlier, that talked about the selection process and where the boats will go, but the Workboat article gives much more detail about the tech that went into the boat and why it was chosen. Perhaps most significantly,

The performance of the boat during the in-water demonstration event was noteworthy in that it averaged 30 knots in SS3, the highest of any of the boats, while eliciting comments from the operators that it was the most comfortable and capable.

Thanks to Paul for bringing this to my attention. 

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