“RIBCRAFT Delivering On $80 Million Navy Contract” –Marine Link

Marine Link reports,

RIBCRAFT will build up to 278 of the 7-Meter rigid inflatable boats worth approximately $80 million. This is purported to be the largest single contract based on number of boats ever awarded by the U.S. Navy.

Each vessel is powered by a single Steyr SE266E40 diesel engine with Bravo Two X Mercruiser outdrive and equipped with a Briartek man overboard indicator system (MOBI), and forward M60/M240 weapon foundation. With a full load of 18 sailors, the 7-meter RIB will have a sprint speed of 25 knots.

These boats will be built alongside the U.S. Navy Expeditionary 11-Meter RIB that RIBCRAFT is currently building at its Massachusetts facilities. Together these contracts have a total value of over $120 million, making the company New England’s most significant boat manufacturer.

These appear a bit less capable than the water jet powered Coast Guard 8 meter “Over the Horizon” cutter boat, more like the Cutter Boat, Large, employed on WMEC210s and 225 foot buoy tenders.

7 thoughts on ““RIBCRAFT Delivering On $80 Million Navy Contract” –Marine Link

    • If you check the price of the new 8 meter Over the Horizon Cutter Boat, it is going to be about half a million. We do expect more from our boats though. I think it is remarkable that the Coast Guard needs almost as many RHIBs as the Navy, and the Coast Guard program may cost more than theirs.

      Everything is expensive. I once figured out that my 378 cost about $40,000 per operating day. That was 40 years ago.

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