“Mystery Drone Boat Washes Up Near Home Of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet” –The Drive

See the linked post for more photos

The Drive/The War Zone discusses reports of a possible suicide drone surface vessel. This looks more sophisticated than the unmanned explosive motor boats that were used by Yemen’ Houthi faction, possibly using satelite communications to allow it to be operated over much greater distance from the control station.

14 thoughts on ““Mystery Drone Boat Washes Up Near Home Of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet” –The Drive

  1. “The Drive” also identifies the GPS Antenna, as being a SpaceX “Starlink” satellite internet antenna, which could make it “Ukrainian”…

  2. What’s the scale, here? It’s hard to tell from the photo. Those could be large boulders or small on that beach.

    Thanks, Ben

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  3. There is an indication this is canoe sized, so I think perhaps about 12 foot, maybe 16 at most. Look at the size of the electro-optic device. They would want to make it as small as possible and still carry the payload. The water jet is probably similar to the ones on personal watercraft. For comparison a full size 21″ Mk48 torpedo is about 19 feet long.

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