“Suspected Ukrainian Explosive Sea Drone Made From Recreational Watercraft Parts” –USNI

Image of the suspected Ukrainian USV circulating on Russian social media. Image via Naval News

The US Naval Institute has a closer look at what is believed to be an explosive Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) of Ukranian origin, found in Crimea.

According to the report, the propulsion appears to have been from a Sea-Doo personal recreational watercraft.

The report includes a comparison with past examples of explosive motor boat and significantly, the diagram of the suspected Ukrainian craft is along side an outline of an adult male, providing scale, that suggests the craft is about 12 feet in length.

Hopefully the Coast Guard is paying attention, because similar craft might be employed by terrorist against the US.

6 thoughts on ““Suspected Ukrainian Explosive Sea Drone Made From Recreational Watercraft Parts” –USNI

  1. Very interesting advances, I have been watching some of the advances in the US hobby market, the pace of advancement is incredible.

    Thanks much for the links and hats off to the Ukrainians if they built it, bummer it was captured, but I would expect some Russian navy folks are cleaning their underwear.

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  3. Very interesting. Was wondering why the “periscope”/camera mount was white though. Would think that’d make it easier to spot. Not enough time to find paint , or no paint available? No black masking tape in supply?

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