More on the Waterways Commerce Cutter

All of Birdon’s production activities will take place at Bollinger Shipyards in Lockport, La. Birdon America photo

One of our readers, Andy, brought this WorkBoat article, which has much more information about the team of organizations that will be building the Waterways Commerce Cutters and where they will be built.

Birdon is building on its experience and expertise in program management, design, manufacture, and support of the USCG and U.S. Army watercraft programs, by teaming with carefully selected partners. Bollinger Shipyards (Bollinger) and Incat Crowther will be key subcontractors to Birdon and share Birdon’s commitment to delivering for the USCG. The entire delivery team will work under Birdon’s integrated, standardized leadership model, which is proven across numerous multiple-site projects in the U.S. and abroad.

3 thoughts on “More on the Waterways Commerce Cutter

  1. Its nice to see Incat Crowther involved in this one too. They do good work. Base design of the MUSV. I’d love to see this same team take another crack at anything EPF or LCS like that develops in the future.

  2. I wonder how close the final design is to the above pic? The river tender looks like it will be a tight squeeze to get the 100 buoys + the 150 sinkers call out in the specs I looked at. The boat deck needs to fit 21′ boats. This pic doesn’t look much bigger than the 160 WLICs. Those cranes also appear to be directly in the pilots line of sight too.

    • The tender-version with cans and nuns in the illustration appears to have the boom offset to starboard. The construction-version with a crane and dolphin pilings, appears to have the crane (presumably with pile-driver) on the centerline as you point out. I wonder if that is because of pile-driving?

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