Just Established–Base Astoria, Warrenton, OR

Coast Guard Air Station Astoria

District 13 is getting a new base in Warrenton, Oregon, on the NorthWest corner of Oregon. Warrenton is also the location of CG Air Station Astoria.  A couple of WMECs are (or at least have been) based there. It has been reported at least two Webber class WPCs will be based there in 2024. I suspect, ultimatedly, it will be at least three. Presumably the 210s will leave when the first two OPCs are stationed in Long Beach.

News Release

U.S. Coast Guard 13th District PA Detachment Astori

Coast Guard establishes new unit in Warrenton, OR

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ASTORIA, Ore. – The Coast Guard held an establishment ceremony Wednesday in Warrenton to formally establish Coast Guard Base Astoria.

During the ceremony, Cmdr. Todd Wimmer assumed command of the new unit.

Rear Adm. Jon Hickey, the Director of Operational Logistics, presided over the ceremony.

Wimmer previously served as Chief of Facilities at Coast Guard Training Center Petaluma, California, from 2019-2022.

Base Astoria is located in Warrenton and will provide operational logistics support for Coast Guard units across the Thirteenth Coast Guard District’s Oregon and southern Washington regions. 

4 thoughts on “Just Established–Base Astoria, Warrenton, OR

  1. I forgot to add that the last time I was in Astoria the Alert was moored close to the downtown area. This might be a consolidation of cutters in one spot. Don’t they have a black hull in Astoria as well?

    It would make sense to put everything at Tongue Point. I don’t think the waters around Warrenton are suitable for large vessels.

  2. What’s old is new again! Was Group/Airsta Astoria 92-95 when I was there, with Base Astoria usually referring to the wet side and stuff at Tongue Point like the ANT team, Airsta for the air side in Warrenton. Both Alert/Steadfast still tie up at 17th street by the maritime museum next to Lightship Columbia. I won’t be surprised if they move eventually to Tongue Point but that’d be a bummer for the feel of there since ships have tied up at 17th street for a long time going back to at least Yocona in the early 80s (and Resolute/Venturous before Alert/Steadfast).

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